Together. Thankful. At Christmas.

December 27, 2012 — 12 Comments
The Chair in its place, getting ready for the 2012 Smith Family Photo. 01-DSC_4385 I asked Meagan to come sit in The Chair while I was getting the camera set for the group photo.  She turned out to be an excellent Chair Sitter. 02-DSC_4390 However, she eventually got a little lonely and invited her Smithster to come and join her. 03-DSC_4396   05-DSC_4407  It did my heart good to see Nathan and Sarah together again. 1-DSC_4356 This could be titled, “The headless husband tries his best to broker peace between his wife and his sister since they dislike each other intensely and really, really hate to be in each others’ company.” 08-DSC_4422 Or not. 04-DSC_4398 My favorite son, Nate the Great. 10-DSC_4374 My favorite husband.  And me.  Together.  Thankful.  At Christmas. 09-DSC_4380

12 responses to Together. Thankful. At Christmas.

  1. Beautiful pictures. Wow, Sarah cut her hair. It looks really great!! I’m so happy that Nathan and Meghan came home for Christmas :)

  2. (My computer hiccupped with my first attempt! LOL) Such Fun! Wonderful shot of Nathan – so contemplative! Especially thankful to know that our baby girl now has her own little sister and another family that loves her just like their own! Aren’t we blessed! :-)

    • Sheri, yes, I loved that photo of Nathan, too. And we are so grateful to be hosting your daughter (and her wonderful husband) in our home during this season. Sarah is truly loving having a sister.

  3. Thank you for sharing the photo shoot with all of us…I fell in love with this beautiful famillly in 2005…or was it 2007…time flies when you are having fun!

  4. Y’all are all so photogenic! Love all the pics!

  5. Love that picture of you and Steve!

  6. Pam, we’ve got plenty of Summer shots on the way! :-)

  7. love that tie!
    where’s Summer?

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