Sugar Creek Sunset

December 7, 2012

I was on my way home from taking Sarah to work last week when I noticed that the sunset was especially lovely. Since I always carry my trusty purse camera in my . . . guess where? . . . purse, I found a spot to stop and get some photos.    My Nikon would have given me less grainy shots but I still couldn’t resist capturing what I could of this beautiful ending to another day on earth.

(And by the way, the reason the post is called Sugar Creek Sunset is because–all except the first photo– I took the pictures behind Sugar Creek Restaurant.)





Sugar Creek Restaurant-Manteo, NC















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  1. Totally off topic, but, help! In fact, if this group cant, nobody can! Does anyone have a MEAT FREE, breakfast casserole recipe? I’d MUST make it ahead of time to serve New Year’s Day (I don’t mind putting it together NYE Day and putting it in the over in the morning as long as uncooked eggs can sit overnight, in the fridge of course)? I’m doing lasagna roll ups or manicotti for dinner! All main dishes will be done in disposable cooking containers so that I’m not cleaning while my friends are socializing! I don’t want anyone on the roads (I said no alcohol here, there will be kids) since people are too crazy; hence serving dinner & breakfast! If its not really easy I will resort to cereal! Also, pls share something you’ve tried meatless instead of something that the meat could be left out! it never turns out the same! Tnx so much! Jodi

  2. Lisa from Georgia December 8, 2012 at 12:57 pm

    I do believe you love in the most beautiful place I have ever seen! Every picture makes me want to pack a bag and head that way. One day, I am going to come to the island just to see it in person. You really could be the Chamber of Commerce for Manteo.

    • Lisa, you are so sweet! As a photographer, I am especially glad to live in such a lovely place although every single place I’ve been has been lovely in its own way!

  3. I am so behind on your posts – what a treat to catch up on a Saturday morning. So, now there are more reasons a trip to a Smitty’s variety show or church service is still on my bucket list – the gorgeous sunsets, sunrises and, of course, THE SEA! You may be surprised. Someday we just may put this voyage to Manteo together.

    There is a reason I have been silent the last few days here on this blog as I struggled to help three wonderful women in my life deal with losses. Two lost their mothers, they had lived good full lives but it still hurt. The third loss is explained below – it is the loss of faith, hope and possibly a future for a wonderful young man.

    I am asking for some prayers. My very good friend at work is in need of strength. Her 21 year old son was recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s. However, his progression is faster than expected and they will be testing him in a week for Huntington’s Disease. I have been blessed thus far in my life to not know the terror of a parent whose child is desperately ill, fighting for their life or has gone to Heaven. I know many who come here understand what my friend and her son are experiencing and I am asking for prayers for them in whatever intention you all feel is needed. This young man is brilliant. He is applying for PhD studies at several wonderful universities to study neuroscience. He wants to find a treatment or, please God, a cure for these types of diseases. If he is given the chance, I feel he can. Please God, give him that chance.

    Thank you. I thought here would be a good place to gather some prayers for Donna and her son, Alex.

    • Mary, having a son near the same age as Alex, it just makes my mama heart hurt all the more for him and his family in the light of this devastating news. Thanks for letting us know about it and inviting us to pray. I will definitely pray. Keep us updated!

      (And I must say, your friends are blessed to have such a compassionate, caring person in their lives.)

  4. Utterly gorgeous. If you are ever looking for post ideas I would LOVE if you were to share so of your favorite photo taking tips. I really want to learn how to take better photos but (as I am sure you have noticed from my blog) I have a lot to learn. I am putting a photo book on my Christmas list this year (do you have one you recommend?)

    Your photos on your blog are always so professional looking and really really beautiful. My dream is to live by the ocean. My health issues make travel pretty tough, but your photos and stories bring your beautiful ocean island to life for me. I love looking at the photos you take and would love any tips!

    The house we just moved to is down the street from a huge ravine and I have already started snapping photos on my cell phone. (maybe using a cell to snap photos is part of my problem?)

    • Jenna, you are so sweet to compliment my photography. There are so many tutorials on the web written by people a thousand times more knowledgeable than I am; although I have read and studied on the subject some, I still feel like a beginner.

      You’ve got the right idea though, in asking for a book. The book I asked for last year from Nathan was Nikon D5000 for Dummies and it was wonderful; I learned so much! The more you can study and read about your camera, the more those little tidbits of information will come back to your brain as you’re shooting.

      At some point, I may be able to put together on the blog 3 or 4 tips for shooting but I feel highly unqualified. I just LOVE doing it!

  5. Breathtakingly beautiful! You truly have a talent to capture nature’s best! Especially love the first from above and the second from below. The latter, well, I highly doubt that a professional photographer could have done better! It’s perfect!

    best wishes Nadine, from Germany

    • Nadine, always nice to hear from our German friend! I appreciate your encouragement sent over the miles; it means so much to me as a photographer that people enjoy what I do. Thank you!

  6. Beautiful!

    “and God saw that it was good”