Snow Dance

January 23, 2014

After Wednesday’s snow had stopped falling and it had warmed up just a little, Sarah and I went outside for a rare snowy photo shoot. I’m used to posting pictures of blue skies, green grass, and sapphire seas so to witness whiteness everywhere was quite a change.


I started with Sarah’s feet . . .


and my feet . . .


getting ready to step out into undisturbed snow.


She and I wandered hither and yon ’round the house, looking for good places to sit a spell . . . and also for good places to snap the shutter a spell.


Sometimes the sitting a spell turned into standing a spell.






1-sarah in snow

Sarah and I held hands . . .


as we walked together to pay a visit to Sir Snowy. He was reposing beneath his blanket of white in his final, rapscallian-esque resting place.


Sarah posed with her dear old friend, a friend who faithfully guided her through both her childhood years and her cancer years, giving her a thousand reasons to smile when smiles were needed most.


After our Snowy visit was complete, Sarah decided that she wanted to make a snow angel–even though she only had about an inch of snow to work with.  (But hey. When you’re a southern girl, even an inch is exciting.)


And then my snow angel got up and started to dance.


 Because sometimes when you’re full of life . . .


 and you’re feeling strong and healthy . . .


and you’re at peace with your world . . .


dancing is the only response . . .


to the glory of the moment.


So happy to see my baby girl’s snow dance.


So happy to see my baby girl’s joy.


27 responses to Snow Dance

  1. It’s easy to see she is beautiful inside and outside!

  2. Love, Love, LOVE these pictures!!! I think you guys may be getting some more snow this week? Trying to pay attention to the weather… after being in Tennessee all weekend for dance!! Enjoy the snow!! 🙂

  3. This photo shoot made my heart smile! She won’t need anyone else for senior pictures. Quite Lovely! 🙂

  4. Lovely photos of a lovely lady! Glad Sarah enjoyed dancing in the snow, a joy to see! I, on the other hand, am a little tired of our frigid weather (sub-zero wind chill temps) and snow. Good day to curl up with a good book, an afghan, a cat (or dog) and a cup of hot chocolate! I am ready for spring!

    • Linda,

      Let’s hear it for SPRING! 🙂

      The only good thing about winter is that it does make curling up with a book and something hot so very, very enjoyable.

  5. Wonderful pictures of Ms. Sarah. So much fun to see her dancing in the snow and so full of life!

  6. Sarah is a beautiful soul. I love seeing the glow that radiates from within her!

  7. st louis snow is looking like manteo snow today. however, the coooooooooold makes any thought of dancing (even if I could) quite fleeting. I have to allow a couple of extra minutes before I leave the house just to get on all my layers of clothes including turtleneck, sweatshirt, & sweater, socks and legwarmers and two pairs of gloves and pants! I don’t think Heidi wore this much when she went to visit Grandfather,

    • Mrs. Pam,

      I think Heidi’s climate pretty much outdoes MOST of us when it comes to snow and cold! 🙂

      I can only imagine how much time it takes you get wrapped and unwrapped in your comings and goings.

  8. Gorgeous pictures! Sarah is so pretty. Thank you for posting the awesome pics.

  9. Boy your reaction to the snow here in NC was a lot different from mine, having just moved here over the summer from KC, I was hoping for a lot warmer winters,haha! As usual beautiful pictures though I teared up when I saw Snowy’s marker, my puppy was born in 1999 too and is really slowing down…..

    • Dale,

      Those puppies are so sweet, aren’t they? Even when they start moving into their older years, they’re still puppies in our hearts.

      I just saw on the weather that warmer weather is headed back our way. Can’t wait!

  10. love the pictures. the shadow one is very unique – almost looks like you formed a heart. These look like the senior photo’s that they charge so much money for – I sure hope you plan to do Sarah’s. Enjoy the snow – we still have some on the ground in Kenly

    • Becky,

      Yes, they do sort of look like senior pictures, don’t they, although I don’t know if I’ve ever seen many senior pictures done in the snow! 🙂 Not sure what we’re doing on her senior pictures yet . . . the time will be here before we know it.

  11. Beautiful pictures!!! They are definitely keepers. Sarah is such a lovely young lady inside and out. Thank you for letting us share these with you.

  12. Oops….accidentally hit ‘enter’ before I was done filling in my info. 🙂 TGIF!

  13. That baby girl is a very beautiful young woman!! I love seeing pictures of a happy and very healthy Sarah. She is such a blessing and a miracle. 🙂