Seeing Stars.

December 12, 2012

Over forty years ago . . .



Steve’s parents bought . . .


a telescope for the family.


Although it was mostly used for the usual telescoping purposes . . .


it was also inadvertently used as a play toy for Steve’s brothers when they were just little tots.


Steve’s parents, in the process of cleaning out their attic, brought the telescope along on their last visit. 

Although everyone was sure that many pieces and parts would be broken or missing after all this time . . .


Steve happily put it all back together and . . . 


it worked!   The Smiths are still seeing stars!

Do you have any things in your life that date back to your child hood? 

Do you still use or display them?

31 responses to Seeing Stars.

  1. I have the baby blanket my grandmother made for my mother, my mother used with me, and I used with my daughter. We have 3 generations of baby photos on that 71 year old blanket! I also have several outfits my mother made for me when I was a baby.

    • Mindy, that blanket must be made of iron to still be usable after 71 years! (Sarah’s little blanket almost fell apart from washings but then again, it was bought from Walmart and not hand sewn!) I love that you still a couple of your baby outfits, too. Utterly priceless.

  2. Wow, neat telescope!

    Fortunately, there are many things from my childhood, as well as my husband’s, still hanging around our house, especially during the holidays … but the one thing that really stands out is a Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse doll of mine from back in the mid 70’s. I’ll explain …

    When I was young my mom and I lived with my grandparents a few years after my parents divorced. Christmases were amazing, and I was a tad spoiled. 😉

    So, fast forward 20 years later when I was helping my grandma drag all her Christmas decor out again. Oh, the memories her things brought back for me! 🙂 I got a little carried away, I suppose, and really dug deep behind her steps where everything was stored.

    But that’s where I found him … my Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse doll!!




    A gift I never received on that Christmas of ’76. A gift, obviously, no one missed. Ha! But it is a gift and a memory I treasure now more than ever! 🙂

    • Michelle, what a great story! And what a great find! 🙂 I have a feeling you will hold on to that particular (over due) gift for a long, long time.

  3. I have a stuffed Curious George doll that was given to me as a newborn– I called him “Monkey.” I cuddled with Monkey every night until I went off to college, when he become more of a display item than a comfort object. Monkey is looking a little worse for the wear these days, and I’ve sewn up countless tears and worn spots over the years. I will never get rid of him, and I hope he makes it as long as I do!

    • Dina, I used to love Curious George stories! I think it’s great that Monkey was a daily part of your life until you went off to college–a precious little guy, for sure.

  4. Pilotbutterfly (Ann) December 12, 2012 at 10:50 pm

    I have a “rag doll” that was handmade by an elderly woman in our church (Mrs. Pugh) when I was in elementary school. She gave my sister and me one. Mine is sitting on a cedar chest made for my high school graduation by my cousin who is now a retired highway patrol in NC. I have the last 2 dolls I received — one a Terri Lee (small one) and the other a “grown up” doll similar to the Barbie. The grown up doll is in my doll cabinet. I guess my most prized item is a china tea set I received for Christmas one year. My mother would use the sugar and creamer when we had ministers over for dinner as she did not have those items. Wonderful memories.

    • Ann, I loved hearing your stories and especially the one about your mom borrowing your sugar and creamer when you had ministers over for dinner. So precious! 🙂 You are so blessed to have items from so far back in your life that you still see every day, all these years later; it’s wonderful to be reminded of sweet moments in our past.

  5. Oh! I also have my set of Nancy Drew books!

  6. I have the flower girl dress I wore in my cousin’s wedding in the very early 60s and the special dress I wore to the elementary school musical – I think I kept the 2nd because that was the first time (probably about 1st or 2nd grade) that a boy came up and told me I looked pretty 🙂 I also have my Barbie doll and the clothes my Mom sewed and knitted for her; she even used real scraps of fur for the coat collars! Though later in life (70s) I have some stuffed crocheted animals that my Mom made, but didn’t finish for my nephew. Said nephew just became a father and I am going to get the ears on the camel and send it to my new (and only) grand nephew from his great-great grandmother via his great aunt!

    • Anonymous, a set of Nancy Drew books would be quite a treasure to have!

      And I LOVED hearing about keeping the dress that reminds you of the first time a boy told you looked pretty. 🙂 That made me smile! And to think of the precious gift you will be passing on to your grand nephew from his great great grandmother? Too wonderful for words!

  7. Among the things I have is pair of boots (western style) that I wore (at age 2) and Mother had my photo taken with them on as well as the riding breeches…(pants) I do not have the pants but I do still have the boots/ And as a result I made a grapevine wreath with Texas silk wildflowers along with the photo of me wearing the boots, hanging inside the wreath. It was a decoration for a Texas RV Rally held in Kerrville, TX we helped to host several years ago…it had a western theme; we had a lot of fun with them. The RVer’s and the boots! I have owned those boots for 70 years as of this year! from Fran in Texas

  8. I have my father’s Minolta cameras and the one that he bought me as a teen, and they are displayed on a shelf in the entertainment center. They are priceless to me… Dad is the one who fostered and nurtured my love of photography. I love your telescope story!

    • Pam, what incredible items to still have, especially since cameras are such a huge part of your life. To have those camera-shaped memories sitting on your shelves is wonderful.

  9. I have a couple of books from my childhood and my first ever stuffed animal, a now slightly tattered rabbit named Boy-O. I also have a camera that was my grandfather’s — he was lead photographer for Ford Motor Co. It may well still work, but I have no idea how to use it and I’m not sure that I could even acquire the type of film it takes! I should probably try, though, just to see…

    • Kristina, how cool to have a grandfather who was lead photographer for Ford! And then to own his camera? Wow! Steve also still has a stuffed animal from childhood; those are priceless and precious.

  10. I have just recently pulled out the kids toys that I had. Mostly stuffies, a cradle, and kid stroller. I also have My Little Pony items and lego. Those items will come out when baby (due Christmas Day) is old enough to not swallow things. My mom found all the baby blankets that my grandmother made for us when we were babies. I just need to go grab them, wash them.

    • Angela, what a treasure to have all the baby blankets that your grandmother made for you. In a throw away, disposable society, those kind of things are precious beyond words. Your baby will be blessed to be wrapped in them.

  11. I have a wool navy plaid carriage blanket. It is in perfect condition. I now use it, rolled up, to prop Sarah up in the car because she leans to her right. This blanket is in our OLD home movies, covering me in my baby carriage, as my mom proudly pushed me along. She used it for all her children and I have used it for all of mine. It is 53 years old. It lies in my back seat now, waiting for Sarah to use on every car ride. It is a treasure.

    • Lesley, I love the fact that something that is 53 years old is such a helpful, wonderful, dear part of your present day life. It’s one thing to have something special that you never look at or use but to have this blanket cradling your daughter in the car–how perfect is that?

  12. Yes! The first camera I recieved as a gift from my Dad for my 9th birthday, and the second being my first SLR camera. I saved my babysitting money for it. Both still work, film era, and are proudly displayed in my home.

    • Anonymous, so glad to hear you kept the camera from your 9th birthday. And then it’s so special to have the camera you saved up your babysitting money for–two items that will doubtlessly stay in your house (and heart) forever! Love it!

  13. I dont of mmy own but when my daughter was 4 ( she is now47) my dad made her a plywood kitchen cupbard. she ysed it several years then my neices used it and now my grand daughter who is 2 is playing with it, so it has really gotten a lot of use.

    • Sharon, there are few things better for a little girl than something homemade that allows her to play house in fine style. And now that your granddaughter is using it, well, it just makes that dear kitchen cupboard all the more wonderful.

  14. I have several items from my childhood (which isn’t that special, given that I’m 26). Mostly books and a couple small odds and ends. My favorite item, though, is a woolen blanket I already had as a newborn. It is large enough so I still use it, especially during winter (our winters can go down to sub zero Fahrenheit, rarely, but it happens).

    How are Manteo winters, by the way? Rather cold or relatively mild?

    best wishes Nadine, from Germany

    • Nadine, Well, a 26-year year blanket is still pretty special–it’s over a quarter century old! So glad to know you kept that blanket and still use it. Treasured memories are wrapped in its folds.

      Manteo winters are mild; we may get one or two minor snowfalls and rarely get below freezing for more than a day or two at a time. Love it!

  15. There is a rocking horse that my dad made me when I was 5 and Santa brought me a cowgirl outfit. That rocking horse is at my house now. My dad’s Great Grandson loves it, as did my girls, my brother’s girls and many other children through the ages. I have a picture of my younger daughter riding that horse with such purpose and intensity when she was 3 years old – didn’t know it was the precourser to her real horse and jumping fences in hunter jumper equestrian events. Love that rocking horse, Dad.

    • Mary, wow–that’s some fine workmanship to have lasted through the generations and through so many small people playing with it! And I loved to hear the story of your daughter riding it with such great intensity and then going on to be a horsewoman for real. What a great gift your dad gave you all.

  16. I most definitely do, but I’m only 22…so it’s less of a thing right now! I will probably always still have my own MYC books from when I was a child and refer back to them (no matter how many times the curriculum changes slightly!) and the special things that my mom made for me-well, the baby afghan still rests on my pillow at night, and two of the stuffies are up on one of my bookcases!

    • Music Girl, you’re very wise to hold on to those things your mom made for you; t’s also nice to hear that those items are right in the middle of your everyday life and not packed in an attic somewhere. Enjoy them; you are blessed!