Arthur! Arthur!

July 4, 2014

As hard as it is may be to believe, Steve, Sarah and I slept soundly through most of the night– even right when the hurricane was at its worst.  From what I can tell by Faceook posts from area friends, a lot of them were up almost all night so I’m grateful for a good night’s sleep in spite of the howling and the raging and the swirling going on outside our windows.  (And thankfully, Summer did well with just one Calm Doggie Pill)

There’s a good bit of debris in our front yard but the street in front of our house (which floods probably half a dozen times a year) doesn’t have a speck of water on it.

Our little downtown (about 2 miles away) didn’t do so well. These photos (by Linda Taylor) were taken about 100 feet from the sound. 

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This photo shows the road that leads from Roanoke Island (where Manteo is located) onto the Beach Road. Sarah was supposed to go into work today but since this is the way that leads to her job she has the day off.  Sometimes the worst of the storm happens after it moves away as we experience ocean overwash and sound side flooding


Steve has already been calling around this morning  to see if anyone needs help. We’re thankful it wasn’t worse than it was–but it was certainly bad enough!

Thanks so much for the comments you’ve left and your prayers and thoughts sent our way–what a wonderful feeling to have friends we haven’t even met expressing concern for our well being. We’re blessed.

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  1. Very glad and relieved that you are all ok! 🙂

  2. Thanks for everyone who rejoiced with us that Arthur didn’t stay long and didn’t behave too badly–all the way up the East Coast. I read somewhere that this is one of the earliest-in-the-season hurricanes in quite a while!

  3. Glad to learn that Steve’s stern demeanor drove Arthur to Nova Scotia, where he was very timid and well behaved. Good job, Steve! Glad everyone is safe and dry where you are.

  4. So glad you are all ok and were able to sleep through the night (and that Summer did so well).
    Linda in Pittsburgh

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    • Allison,

      What GREAT information; thanks so much for taking the time and trouble to post it. I had heard somewhere along the way that cancer survivors might qualify for scholarships but had no idea the network was so extensive. We’ll definitely take a look!

  6. I just put two and two together and realized that today is July 4, meaning that it is a big day for you neighbours down south! ! (Our big day is July 1) Happy Independence Day (I think that is what the holiday is called for you?)

  7. Looks like all is well. 🙂 The nice thing about the Outer Banks and hurricanes is that, as you know, people are used to it. Generations after generations have been dealing with them on those islands. 🙂

  8. So glad you are okay!

  9. So glad you are all safe and sound!

  10. Glad everything is ok with you. Always feel so sorry for the businesses that are damaged.

  11. Glad to read your post.

  12. So glad it was a quiet night. The flooding looks bad though. Arthur is headed our way here on Cape Cod in a few hours. Apparently it’s coming a little closer than they originally thought. Gotta get our laundry done before the basement floods!

  13. So glad you dear Smiths are ok! I had commented on Steve’s comment on FB that I was glad it was un-dramatic (cause he said you slept thro it), but after reading your post, I will have to amend that–it looks like it was very dramatic! Sending love.


  14. I’m so glad you are safe. Praying for all those affected.

  15. My hummers were upset because I had brought their feeders in.

  16. Becky, that is such wonderful news (that you slept through it, no damage to your property etc). Have a great day!!

  17. Glad that you are safe!:)Wondered how you were doing! Sorry that downtown Manteo got flooded. 🙁 Hopefully cleanup will be quick!

  18. thankful that you are okay