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Last Sunday was Graduation Sunday at church where we honored Sarah and another graduate with a special video presentation for each of them. After the videos were finished, Mary Ann Sherwood, our Associate and Youth Pastor, brought both graduates forward to give them a gift, to speak words of affirmation to them, and to pray for them as they stepped into their new season.

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The Unprommed Girl

April 28, 2014

Last year Sarah attended her junior prom with a friend and had an enjoyable time.

And she also (may I add), looked quite stunning in her thrift store gown.

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Books More Than Boys

April 16, 2014

For the past three days, Sarah’s dear friend, Hope, has been staying with us. 

You may remember Hope from when she was here for Sarah’s 16th birthday along with Victoria (Sarah’s childhood friend, standing to her right) and Taylor. (Sarah’s Manteo bestie.)

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Journey To Graduation

April 9, 2014

It’s been a journey eighteen years long.

It’s been an especially precious journey because cancer made its appearance along the way and tried to convince us we weren’t going to be able to see the journey to completion.

It tried to tell us we would never see our sweet Sarah grow up.

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Um . . .

Actually, there’s no reason to read Sarah’s blog post in such a hurry but I just thought that your Tuesday morning routine might need a bit of excitement inserted into it. You’re welcome. (The post I’m referring to is the one I wrote about yesterday concerning her decision about college.)

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Sarah has always loved words and writing; in fact, since she was ten years old, she has been working on a book. To highlight her literary efforts, this year’s Manteo High School yearbook will feature an interview with her.  (She was also honored recently when she was one of a handful of students chosen by her AP English teacher to tutor other High School students in writing.)

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Yesterday I went to Greenville for my infusion; while I was in town, I also had a few other errands to run so it turned out to be a long day.

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Snow Dance

January 23, 2014

After Wednesday’s snow had stopped falling and it had warmed up just a little, Sarah and I went outside for a rare snowy photo shoot. I’m used to posting pictures of blue skies, green grass, and sapphire seas so to witness whiteness everywhere was quite a change.

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