Snow. Noah. Oatmeal Buffet.

January 30, 2014

Well, of course the big news around here this week has been loads of snow; I think we got around 6-7 inches which fell over a layer of ice.  Steve was on the road coming home from Charlotte when the freezing rain started so I was plenty nervous until he finally walked in the door just before dark.  In a day and a half, he visited five hospital visits in three cities and covered 750 miles so he was extra tired and extra happy to be home safely

Yesterday, Steve and Sarah drove out to the beach to take a look at the strange sight of sand covered with snow.




As I was looking at those cold, bleak vistas, it occurred to me that what probably all of us would love to see in the midst of a long winter is the Outer Banks in lovely, warm summertime! So here a few of my photos from balmier days.






There now. Don’t you feel better?

And speaking of pictures from the past . . .

I got to thinking that when Nathan and Meagan were home for Christmas, I posted some funny pictures  that “didn’t make the list” but I’m not sure if I ever posted any of the the real pictures. 

So here are a few.




Meagan is such a terrific wife and mother and a blessing to our entire family.


And her smile is infectious!


I guess Noah comes by it naturally.


Still can’t believe my son has a son of his own. . .


whom he utterly adores.


There was another picture I forgot to post from our Christmas visit with Steve’s parents—but first a little history.

When Nathan was born (a couple weeks early) we didn’t have everything completely ready for him. We stayed with Steve’s parents a little while and since we didn’t have a crib set up, we did the next best thing: we put Nathan in the dresser drawer in the guest room where he slept quite splendidly!

So. When we were at Ken and Vernie’s house for Christmas, we couldn’t resist taking another photo of another baby in the very same dresser . . . twenty four years after the first baby slept there.  

1-noah at church

Here he is asleep, back at our house. Nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby.


And the last photo?  An Oatmeal Buffet!

One Sunday evening during Nathan and Meagan’s visit, we’d had a big lunch after church and so none of us really wanted a huge meal for dinner; however, we are still just a little hungry. I started rummaging through my Mom Brain for ideas and suddenly came up with the idea of an Oatmeal Buffet. (I’m a great proponent of breakfast for dinner.)

I made a big pot of oatmeal and we all went down the line and put on our favorite ingredients from a line up of milk, yogurt, Craisins, Nutella, peanut butter, toasted coconut, brown sugar, homemade granola, cinnamon, and pecans. 

Yummy. Easy. Quick.   Give it a try–a perfect light meal for a cold, snowy day.


22 responses to Snow. Noah. Oatmeal Buffet.

  1. Great pictures!! (But of course I would think you could never have too many pictures of the young prince) And CONGRATS on 9.000 comments! You’re the Blog Queen! Love you guys – stay warm!

    • Sheri,

      Yes, you are definitely someone who I know who NEVER minds pictures of the young prince. He is a sweetheart, isn’t he? (Takes after his grandmas.) 🙂

  2. Oatmeal buffet is different but I don’t like oatmeal. I do like grits, though. We may have breakfast at night later this week because Jim has a special diet for 3 days before his colonoscopy on Tuesday. He can have meat, eggs, and pancakes but not oatmeal, grits, or cereal. He can drink milk, coffee, or tea or soft drinks and water. I’ll have to toast white bread because no wheat or whole grain for the 3 days. Of course, day 3 is clear liquids. Plenty he can eat but we have to stay away from the vegetables and fruits except for potatoes. Enjoy the pictures as usual so don’t stop posting them. So glad Steve got home safely. We still have lots of snow with maybe some more Feb 8 & 9.

    • Ann,

      We’re just the opposite; I love oatmeal but not grits! Sounds like your menu will be a little wacky for the next few days; I know you and Jim will be glad to get back to regular ol’ food! 🙂

  3. Speaking of Snow..I was sooo happy you included a little visit to Snowy’s memorial recently! I had just been remembering the little canine blogger and was delighted that he was not forgotten in your photo shoots. Rest in Peace, Snowy.

  4. the only thing missing on that oatmeal buffet… chocolate chips, and if my kids were around… sprinkles! That is their 2 favorite things to put on oatmeal!! 🙂

  5. So glad Steve made it home safely. Love the snowy beach photos. Up here in MN we just got another 6 inches or so which is blowing around now. Gotta love winter, and at least we have the equipment to deal with the snow and ice. That said, it still doesn’t mean certain drivers are not idiots. Huge pileup this morning on I-35 near Forest Lake with people driving way too fast.
    Stay safe and warm!

    • Liz,

      Our entire family has decided that people who live in snowy climates deserve the greatest respect and admiration for being TOUGH! We are so impressed that you all deal with this stuff for 4-5 months and we’ve only dealt with it a few days. I know you truly appreciate spring when it arrives.

  6. Those snowy beach pictures are pretty cool – Looks almost like the waves are frozen. Stay safe out there 🙂

  7. Be careful down there! Even those of us who have the experience in the snow have many issues and we are prepared for it. I have been so sick with a respiratory virus (like the flu – but not the flu) for the past several days. Hopefully, I will be able to catch up with all the news in a couple of days. Today is my first day back at work in a week but leaving soon….just too weary. Take care. Sunshine and beaches are better than snow and sleet, any day!

    • Mary,

      So sorry you’ve been sick; I’m glad to hear you’re taking it easy and not working full days right off the bat. Sometimes it takes a while to get all your strength back, especially when you’re having to deal with the wearying aspects of nasty weather on top of it. Hugs!

  8. Becky, you have a gorgeous family. Your light and happy spirits shine through your faces in the photos.Noah is super duper cute! When I look at the photos I think he resembles Steve, especially when he smiles. My family also loves breakfast for supper! When we had our daughter’s friend over the other weekend, she was amazed and astounded that we would eat crepes with maple syrup, whipped cream, and fresh fruit along with bacon (veggie ‘bacon’ for me) for supper! It is a lot of fun! I love your photos of your ocean- winter or summer, it is beautiful in both seasons.

    • Jenna,

      You truly have the gift of encouragement; thanks for your words.

      Isn’t breakfast for supper great? Your menu sounds wonderful.

  9. I live in Minnesota so snow is nothing new to me, but on the beach, that is real strange looking. Great picture!

  10. Wow.. what a great family portrait…EVERBODY lookin’ good!

    glad Steve made it home okay.

    Two years ago, I had oatmeal for one meal each day during Lent. I don’t think I’ve had any since then. but, those toppings sound like fun.

    • Mrs Pam,

      You’ll have to give oatmeal another try with some cool toppings to go with it. I have it for breakfast EVERY single day; love it!

  11. I have never seen snow on the beach before. The closest thing in Missouri we came to that was snow last May 5.

    • Amy,

      Wow–May is late for snow, isn’t it? By that time of the year, I’m sure all you can think about it flowers and warm weather!