Hand Me Down Love

April 1, 2016 — 30 Comments

Sarah woke me late last Tuesday night to tell me she had been up vomiting and was feeling really awful.

I immediately threw aside my blankets and my exhaustion (we had just done our last Easter performance that night) and morphed into mommy mode.  

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More. And Less.

March 29, 2016 — 28 Comments

Here is my dashing, beardless husband and me after our Easter service.

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One day after the close of our drama, at the behest of his beauteous bride Becky, Steve shed, shaved, and sheared his beard.

Of course, he couldn’t just shave it off without some humorously themed fanfare because that would be so very unSteve.

Here is the Mutilated Sideburn.

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I am tired.

Not just tired but TIRED.  I was at the church yesterday from 8 a.m to 8:30 p.m.with just a 20-minute break to grab a bite to eat and change clothes. And during this last week, I have worked at least double my normal hours.

But happily, it’s a good tired. A tired-down-to-my-bones kind of good tired.

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Since my blogging habit over the past thirteen years has been to write about whatever I am living at the moment, the next couple of blogs are going to Easter Drama-centric.

And also, for today at least, my post will include a good number of photos of Sarah and her involvement in the drama.

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March 14, 2016 — 18 Comments

Friday night, Steve and Sarah took themselves off on a Daddy/Daughter Date. They had dinner out and then attended our local theater’s production of Music Man which is one of our family’s favorites. (Steve and Nathan saw it on Broadway back in 2001 and Nathan has been hooked ever since.)

They had a lovely night out and I had a lovely night in.  Life has been so crazy lately; it was nice to put on my pj’s early, rent a video and have popcorn and apple slices for dinner. Ahhh . . . the simple pleasures.

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I celebrated my 54th birthday on March 8 and as a gift to myself, I switched my day off from Friday to Tuesday so that I could do some fun, birthday-type things on my official, birthday-type day.

Some of that fun stuff included puttering around for the afternoon at several of my favorite thrift stores (I had birthday money to spend!) and then driving over to Duck, NC for some photography at the golden hour. The weather was pristine–72 degrees, cloudless sky, no humidity, no bugs, hardly any people around. It was basically just one step away from heaven.  (I’ll share the pictures in another post.)

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For the past six weeks or so, Steve and I have been living and breathing preparation for the Easter drama. Steve estimates he’s spent a hundred extra hours (over and above his regular pastoral/music responsibilities) working on sets, lights, rehearsals, and learning his lines.

In the pursuit of getting all of his tasks accomplished, he had to bring in a lift that enables workers to go beyond the regular reach of a ladder in order to hang new lights. (Well, he calls it “flying the lights” which I guess is the technical term for it.)

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