Gone Fishin’

June 27, 2016 — 39 Comments

Last weekend we were invited to Bibber’s 70th birthday party.

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Hearing Aid Fitting

Here we are in the prerequisite, pre-road trip selfie as we left for Sarah’s hearing aid fitting early Wednesday morning.

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Four generations. 

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Last night, Sarah and I sat down on the couch and accomplished the long awaited Big Deed: we ordered her computer!

I had forgotten just how complicated it is to order a computer. My brain was downright mushy by the time I had read these kinds of words over and over.

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The Plane Truth

June 13, 2016 — 10 Comments

This was me, a little over a year ago. Completely besotted.

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Country Style

June 10, 2016 — 12 Comments

Do you like decorating your house, porch and yard in country style?

Then this post is for you!  (All photos taken at my sister, Ruth’s, house.  All of the items–except for the furniture–were bought at yard sales and thrift stores.)

The pictures in this second collection are a variety of photos from around the house and yard. If you are needing a sprinkling of peace in your life, take a minute to scroll through these and make sure to utter a big sigh of rejuvenation when you are finished. Enjoy!

If you haven’t stopped by in a few days, sure to check this post about a way you can help Sarah as she prepares for going off to college. (Scroll down to item #4.)

I’m writing from the comfort of the Comfort Inn in Chapel Hill, NC. Sarah and I drove over yesterday afternoon in preparation for two appointments today as we proceed down the road toward getting hearing aids for her.

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I haven’t written about Sarah in a while so let’s do a little catch-up today.

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