No baby yet . . .although that’s probably a good thing because yesterday and last night, Nathan had a (rare) migraine and Meagan had an intestinal virus.  NOT such great circumstances for child birthing!

So we continue to stand by waiting for The Call that will turn our lives upside down and fill our hearts with more love than we can imagine.

While we wait, I’ll post a few photos I took of Sarah last week at an ocean-side wedding that Steve performed.

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Last week, Steve and I took our evening walk at the Manteo waterfront.

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Find The Beautiful

May 28, 2015 — 42 Comments

Tuesday night, Steve and I had just started our evening walk. Since my photographer’s eye is always on the lookout for beauty, I immediately noticed how the sun was seeping through the trees and making everything in its path gloriously radiant.

I said, “Oh, look how luminous the light is right now!”

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Big Brother is Watching You!

I’ll start things off with the face of a kid who is going to be a Big Brother soon. Lots of personality in that little face!

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Our little patient is doing pretty well, all in all.  She is tapering off the prescription pain-killer, resting a lot, and doing her best to fill up on foods with no substance. Good times.

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The Teeth of Wisdom

May 19, 2015 — 26 Comments

When Sarah posted on FB today about her wisdom teeth removal, one of her special English teachers, Mr. Nichols, posted the following reply:

Just so you don’t worry–there isn’t actually any wisdom in the wisdom teeth. You are not, in fact, less intelligent after they are removed. Try it. Analyze a Russian novel or something. It is all still there.

That made both of us smile.

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Country Wedding

May 16, 2015 — 33 Comments

I am always amazed by people who have creative decorating gifts. I mean, truly amazed. The Decorating Gene Genie obviously missed me when that particular gift was being doled out.

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Wednesday marked an important anniversary of something that happened in Alexandria, LA fifty-eight years ago.

Steve was born!


Since he was in Charlotte with his family on his actual birthday, we celebrated early.

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