Oreo Soakiness Video. And An Anniversary.

July 24, 2014

A Video

Yesterday Sarah made a video demonstrating the best way to dunk an Oreo and at the same time, achieve perfect Oreo soakiness.   Steve was the camera man as well as the appreciative audience.  (Music by Glenn Miller.)

Try to watch this without smiling.


 Also, does anyone remember this big occasion?


 Can you believe Nathan and Meagan celebrated THREE years of marriage yesterday?

I wanted to share with you what they wrote to each other on Facebook yesterday; it was so very sweet.

Here is what Nathan wrote to Meagan:

3 year anniversary today. Cant believe we have been married that long. I’m just trying to figure out how I got so lucky to get you all that time ago. Meagan, I wouldn’t want to spend my life with anyone else and I believe we are made for each other. We have faced some of the challenges that life can bring and we have overcome them. Thank you for being the joy, strength, and the encouragement that I have needed. You are beautiful and hilarious. I love you. Happy Anniversary! 

And here is what Meagan wrote to Nathan:

To my husband, my love, my baby daddy, my best friend, my main squeeze, the answer to my dreams, the head of our home, my spiritual leader, the one who knows just when I need a laugh…let’s be honest…the past three years have been hard work. BUT, they have been so fun. I have learned so much with you and I thank God I have the chance to walk this journey with YOU. You make my heart smile on a regular basis. As I said in our vows “I eagerly anticipate getting to love you a little more every day” Thanks for all you do for our family! I love  you Nathan and I honor you today on our 3rd anniversary! 
Happy a anniversary to our sweet, sweet kids.

22 responses to Oreo Soakiness Video. And An Anniversary.

  1. Sharyn McDonald July 28, 2014 at 9:41 pm

    I looovvvee Oreos. The only problem with Sarah’s final part of her videol I would have put that whole cookie in my mouth. I have a hard time just taking one bite – they are soooo good. Very good video and I especially enjoyed the background comments. Did the voice get a cookie too?

    • Sharyn,

      Love the question, “Did the voice get a cookie too?” That would be a good blog title post. And yes, the voice ALWAYS gets a cookie. 🙂

  2. Becky 🙂
    I wanted to ask ever since you posted on the other side of the pain if Nathan would like to write an entry at some point – you know I have always wondered what it has been like for him seeing his sister going through cancer treatment. I mean like in retroperpective what it is like to be a sibling in such situation . I remember Sarah has written a few entries about her journey with cancer which was well written. So what about Nathan? 🙂

    • Trine,

      I would love for Nathan to write something like that! Although he doesn’t like writing half as much as Sarah and I do, he has a wonderful way with words. We always treasure what he writes in birthday/anniversary cards because he says such such sweet things in a heartfelt, beautiful way.

      But as to whether he would feel comfortable writing for people outside his family, I’m not so sure! 🙂

  3. BTW, I would like to know Sarah’s and Steve’s recommendations for the optimum Oreo Soakiness Index (OSI). I usually try to maintain about .65 in order to achieve an “al dente” Oreo, but (like pasta) I usually feel that I should have let it soak just a little bit longer. At the same time, allowing the Oreo to reach an OSI of .90 or more generally means fishing it out of the milk with a spoon. Sarah’s “fork dunking” technique does allow for intermittent inspections during the process, and increases the chances of a successful soak! Thanks for all your help Sarah! 😉

    Wait a minute… Sarah is going to be NINETEEN years old? May I put that in perspective for you, Sarah? When Miss Lucy and I were married 46 years ago, SHE was nineteen!! (I was 21, but then Lucy has always preferred older men.) 🙂

    • Fred,

      We are planing to bring in some scientific teams from Harvard to do some emperical research on the important question you raised. And in the event that the teams are booked up and can’t make it, I have offered my own services. It’s a sacrifice, but someone’s gotta do it . . .OSI is a vital piece of information.

      I was also married at the age of nineteen. It’s obvious Miss Lucy and I knew exactly how to pick a great husband when we were just youngsters!

  4. I think it is significant that many of your readers commented on how wonderful it was to hear Sarah’s voice for the first time! We DO feel like we know her (how could we not?) and you HAVE made us feel like members of your extended family. I can’t speak for anyone else, but after hearing Sarah’s confident, poised voice – I’m going out tomorrow and buy Sarah’s “Congratulations College Valedictorian!” card. (Remember, Mrs. Pam, you heard it here first!”) 🙂

    • Fred,

      Yes, I think I agree with you. College Valedictorian-ness could definitely be on the horizon for our young scholar/Oreo researcher. 🙂

    • Okeedoke Fred… now, that you gave me and others the idea, the trick will be to mail it first!

  5. yep, I smiled! My Mother always bought Hydrox instead of Oreos. they were good, but Oreo has a “funner” name. We had the GREATEST song about Oreos when I taught Junior Kdg, and for the life of me, I can’t remember the words or the tune, but, the kids really loved singing it. think I’ll go see if Google knows it.

    loved that Nathan thinks Meagan is hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mrs. Pam,

      I had forgotten that Oreos’ other name was Hydrox. I’m not sure who came up with that name but you’re right–Oreos is much more fun to say.

      I loved it when Nathan said that about Meagan, too. 🙂 She really, really, REALLY is funny. One of the best parts of their marriage is the fact that they have so much fun together.

      • Actually, I thought they were two different brands… but, that is not why I am replying. Guess whom I dreamt about last night? The Smith family. You had made two kinds of soup. Chicken noodle and “another”. I ate the “another”. I guess we were at your house. I was sitting by myself and Sarah
        was sitting at the counter w/o any soup. You were SO hungry and couldn’t wait to eat your HOT soup. You and Steve were sitting at a table, and he jumped up and said “Let us pray!” Then he sang his heart out thanking God for everything he could think of, and your soup got very COLD, and Sarah had her head down on the counter, and then I woke up! Why in the world did I dream that? also, I always picture your family sitting and holding hands when you said grace, but this time Steve was doing his own thing.

  6. Stefanie in St. Louis July 24, 2014 at 11:57 am

    While I’m neither a dunker nor a soaker, I did enjoy the video. Loved hearing Sarah’s voice, too – since I feel as though I know her. 🙂

    Happy anniversary to MeagaNate!

  7. Oh my, that was the cutest video ever I’m going to have to try that. Always wondered how to soak an Oreo without getting my fingers wet awesome. Happy anniversary to Nathan and Megan.

  8. Omg. first time I ever heard Sarah’s voice. Btw it suits you with long hair 🙂 Becky can you believe your little girl is going to be 19 in month? 😀

    • Trine,

      Nineteen does sound just a little bit unbelievable to me because the next birthday after that is TWENTY!! Not ready for that!

  9. Happy 3rd anniversary Meagan and Nathan!! May you celebrate many, many more together!!
    Nice dunk technique Sarah! 🙂

    • LeeAnne,

      Still hard for me to believe it’s been three years for them already! And yes, Sarah is truly a professional dunker.

  10. Happy anniversary to Meagan & Nathan! And to sarah, ingenius way to soak an Oreo! Just added Oreos to my shopping list so I can try the Sarah Soak.