Music. Candles And An “Oh My Cake.”

December 20, 2012

Since Christmas decorating is not my forte, I am thankful  for the small army of women in our church who transform our space into a landscape of lit up loveliness.






Last night, we used that lovely space for our annual candlelight communion service.  Steve had labored long and hard over the stage/theater lighting to create an intimate inviting place for the church family to sing and worship in. (Lighting design is one of his many talents.)


The rocking chair is on the platform because Steve used it to sit in and read a story, which he does every year in place of a regular sermon.  This year’s story was written by Sheri Hawley, my dear friend and our son’s mom-in-law.  You can read the story here.  (Scroll down a short ways till you get to the title, The Christmas Cookies.)

Several people told us afterward that they got all sniffly as the story was read; you’ll understand why when you read it.



Here is my official perch for the night.  In our regular services I play an electric keyboard but during a candlelight service, an acoustic grand just seems to suit the setting better.  And it is such a joy to play such a beautiful instrument.


I was quite proud of this shot with the rocking chair framed by the piano.  Occasionally even  I have moments of semi-inspiration!


I took this picture (in a hurry) at the end of the service because I needed to get back to playing the piano. Even though it’s blurry, you can still get a glimpse of the warmth and quietude of the moment.


So that was last night.

Tonight Steve and I are singing at a Christmas banquet for over a hundred international students who come to the Outer Banks every year from all over the world to work and/or go to school.

And tomorrow?  We will drive to the Newport News, VA airport to pick up a a certain Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Smith!   We haven’t seen them in six months so my mama arms are feelin’ a little twitchy getting ready to wrap both of my grown up kids in a big embrace.  (And happy birthday to Meagan who turns twenty-five today!)

And lastly, one of our church members brought this to Steve and me yesterday.

Oh my . . .


oh my oh my.


And also, yum.

22 responses to Music. Candles And An “Oh My Cake.”

  1. Six days no post? Getting worried? you OK?

  2. Merry Christmas

  3. Blessed Christmas. I am home for several days for the holidays and dealing with some major back issues but wanted to get online to wish one of my favorite and most treasured families a very happy Christmas time. My little guy and his wonderful mom is here now so it really does feel like Christmas and all its wonders through the eyes of a child.

    • Mary, so sorry to hear about your back problem. Been there. Done that. No fun! But also glad to hear tha tyou have your little guy there to make you smile. 🙂

  4. I’m really curious, I hope you don’t mind. Do you celebrate Advent at all? It is so uncommon for me to see the Christmas decorations up throughout the church before Christmas. I know many people do it in their homes, but do all churches do that as well? Our Catholic Church celebrates Advent and the Christmas seasons. The Christmas season starts on December 24th (when the church is decorated) and lasts through until the baptism of Jesus. Not that it isn’t beautiful, it is.

    • Jennifer, that’s a great question; in fact, I’d never really thought about it before, as far as how it relates to decorating churches for Christmas. I think that as a rule, liturgical churches are the ones that celebrate Advent–Presbyterian, Catholic, Episcopalian, etc. We never have but it is such a beautiful, meaningful tradition we may have to do it one year.

      • We are United Methodist and our church has been decorated most of December, although we do celebrate the advent.

  5. YUM is the correct word to use!! Looks good enough to EAT!
    Love from Fran in Texas…

  6. Lisa from Georgia December 21, 2012 at 10:51 am

    You are going to think I am crazy, but I dreamed you posted that Megan and Nathan announced a new baby on the way. I had to get on here this morning and see if I dreamed it or if it really occurred. Enjoy your visit and time with the Smiths! Be blessed this Christmas!!

    • Lisa, What a lovely dream! But they have arrived with nary a word about any impending little ones so I guess we’ll have to wait a while longer for that dream to come true!

  7. Lovely sanctuary and lovely cake! Have a wonderful Christmas!

  8. I looks like that was a beautiful service. I love the lights.

  9. So beautiful, Becky. Will get tissues ready before reading Sheri’s story. I get those twitchy Mama’s arms, too, but what a feeling when they are filled! Happy Birthday, Meagan!