Merrily Through The Morning. And A Story of a Proposal

June 2, 2014

For about a week now, we have had the most blissfully lovely weather here on the Outer Banks.

And for about a week now, I only been able to gaze mournfully at those mornings outside my window because I was too sick to go outside and enjoy them.

Well, today I made up my mind that I was not going to let another perfect dawn unspool outside my door without going out and getting smack dab in the middle of it.

And so I donned some haphazardly mismatched clothes, hopped on my trusty bike, and pedaled merrily through the morning. 

After riding diligently for all of about four minutes, I took a temporary detour into the parking lot of the Island Farm. After a little look around, Mr. Nikon and I engaged in a small consultation and decided that we should hang out there for a few minutes.

And so we did. 














There now.

Wasn’t that a lovely start to your week? 

If you are a romantic at heart and love a good proposal story, I have a great one for you!

Meagan’s oldest sister, Kristen, got engaged recently and her mom wrote about it on her blog.  Sheri is a fabulous writer and by the time you get done reading her account of the proposal, you will feel like you were right in the middle of the room where it happened.  

Get ready to shout, cheer and cry at the end.

Proposal Part 1

Proposal Part 2

Here’s a picture of the happy couple.



12 responses to Merrily Through The Morning. And A Story of a Proposal

  1. Beautiful! I love the way you captured the peacefulness of the morning.
    I hope you feel better.

    • Jessica,

      Nothing better than a peaceful morning.

      I think I’m recovering from my cold/flu thing only to have allergies kick in. Happy day!

  2. Unspool. What a great word to use in that sentence. Unspool. I love your writing! (And pictures of course)

    • Lesley,

      I just love that you loved and word and commented it. It’s such a great word and not used enough. And it was the perfect way to describe yesterday’s morning.

  3. that was a wonderful proposal … a little teary here

  4. So thankful that you’re feeling a little better! Thanks for sharing Kristin and Cody’s story. Encouraging is what you do BEST!! 🙂

  5. hope each day you feel better. loved these beautiful photo’s this am

    • Becky,

      Yep, I figured morning loveliness was a good way to start off the week for all of us. Glad you enjoyed the pix.

  6. You’re right….what a beautiful way to start the day! And THANK YOU for the picture of the newly engaged couple! 🙂

    • LeeAnne,

      I think I noticed your name pop up on Sheri’s blog asking for pictures–although I don’t have any of the actual engagement moment, at least it’s fun to connect faces with names! And I have no doubt that Cody is going to get Sheri started on the picture trail very soon.