That Kind of Quietude

November 29, 2013

On this day after Thanksgiving, I am especially thankful for one particular recent memory.

Last Monday, we had gone sightseeing with my visiting family members and had quite accidentally timed our arrival at the Bodie Island Lighthouse to coincide with the advent of the golden hour.


There was virtually no one around and virtually no sound except for the noises of nature rising from the marshes and from the water beyond. 

After everyone else had looked around and gone back to the van, I lingered at the lighthouse a few more moments. I just couldn’t stand to tear myself away from the confluence of serenity and silence and perfection.

The beauty in front of me. The quietude around me. The peace inside me. My dear family waiting just behind me–all packaged together to create one perfect, golden moment.

It was one of those snapshots of life that take a moment to make and a lifetime to treasure. 

15-DSC_7396  01-DSC_7357


Wishing you that kind of quietude today.

6 responses to That Kind of Quietude

  1. quiet and nature, instilled in our souls holds us deep in the peace of God; nothing could be better. I so agree.

  2. Your pictures are so wonderful. I have several pictures of that same lighthouse but none of them show the beauty you captured.

    • Anonymous,

      Thanks for your sweet words. I have seen so many pictures of various lighthouses on the Outer Banks and its interesting to me the variety of perspectives each photographer comes up with. Love it!