Last Ceremony for Snowy

January 4, 2013

When Snowy died in August,  we had our own little burial service for him; however, Steve, Sarah and I wanted to wait for Nathan to get home to actually install his little grave stone.

And so Monday afternoon, right before Nathan and Meagan left to  fly back to Florida, we did our little family ceremony.  (And many thanks to our wonderful daughter-in-law for taking the pictures.)

Heading to the grave.


Nathan putting in the stake that would hold the plaque. (I was in tears all over again.)



Putting the little name plate in place.



Standing silently with our sweet Snowy Memories before Steve joined us in a circle of prayer–a prayer of thanksgiving for a little guy who brought us thirteen years of great joy.


After the prayer, Nathan and I shared a long hug and some tears in honor of a little dog that he had to fight  a long time for before he finally talked me into getting him..


I’m so glad Nathan didn’t give up and glad that I finally gave in. We will be forever changed by the presence of this precious pooch in our lives.

Snowy Studmuffin Smith.  R.I.P.


14 responses to Last Ceremony for Snowy

  1. I had difficulty reading Snowy’s marker due to eyes continually filling with tears. Had to wait several minutes.

  2. Becky, love the name. Moppy the Maltese! Makes me smile just saying it!

  3. Mrs. Pam, Mary always has good comments worth ditto-ing, doesn’t she? 🙂

  4. ditto … Mary H.’s comment.

  5. Aww, Snowy, you will always be missed and loved. Shed some Snowy tears again and, rightfully so.

  6. Such a touching ceremony. I love the marker you got for him. We have a “pet cemetary” of sorts in our backyard around the pool. I buy large engraved river rocks with names and dates on them and they are placed around the palm tree. There are way too many large rocks out there among the small ones, but they always bring happy memories. R.I.P., Sir Snowy.

    • Gayle, I love the river rocks idea. What a great place to put them where you will see them and remember with fondness all the great memories!

  7. Angie and Michelle, we bought Snowy’s grave marker a few weeks ago and I don’t remember the company we got it from. But if you Google something like “pet grave marker” you will find many options. Ours was only about $30 but if you spent a little more, you could personalize the saying or add a photo. We were just glad we had a chance to do the ceremony with Nathan to give him a little closure since he wasn’t here when Snowy died.

  8. That is wonderful having a ceremony and a marker for Snowy. I have a Maltese too, and I just love my little guy to pieces. His name is Moppy and he is 3. So I love reading all your posts about your fur kids:)

  9. I got teary reading this earlier today. I, too, would like to know about the marker for Snowy…it’s beautiful…I’m hoping I won’t need one for many more years, but would love to have something like that when the time does come.

  10. Your story was so touching. Makes me think that I need to do the same thing for my *boys* cats. Currently they are sitting on a shelf in my living room. Thank you for sharing this story with us. I really like your grave marker for Snowy. Did you make it yourself?

    • Michelle, I wish were so talented that I could make something so lovely but we just ordered it on the internet. I didn’t realize how many wonderful products were available for pets who have died. We were really pleased with the one we found.