Grandson. Cow Impersonators. Past Blast. Late Bloomer.

July 14, 2014

Just because I think Mondays need to start with a smile, here are a few Noah photos. I love how he is lined up with his two sweet cousins just like a big boy—although I have a suspicion that the straw is more of a prop than an actual usable drinking device.  (By the way, Noah is now crawling!  I got to see him on Skype the day he started.)


A few more shots of that sweet boy.

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And no, it is not your imagination.  Each member of the Nathan Smith family really is dressed up like a cow.  The hair band and ears that Nathan are wearing absolutely slay me. I can just imagine Meagan chortling happily to herself while putting those macho items on her husband!  But hey, if you can get something free at Chick-fil-A for dressing up, go for it!

And speaking of dressing up, this blast from the past (about 1977)  is just about beyond description. Do you recognize the blonde guy second from the left?  Yep.  It’s Noah’s grandpa!

Try to keep your guffaws down to a dull roar.

 1-smaller image

And since we’re on the subject of oldies, I found a few oldies of my own when the family and I were digging through photos during their visit.

 This is one of my favorites. I gaze into those blue eyes and can’t help but wonder what my world looked like from there.


Just for the fun of it, I put that old picture along with a recent selfie of me. It’s amazing to see how much of that little girl still lives in the older face.


I was the fourth of  the six kids that my mom and dad had within ten years. With that many kids, I was probably responsible for putting a brush through my hair from time to time.  I think I might have forgotten.

2-001 (2)-001


Sadly, things didn’t improve with age. These three photos display rather unarguably that I was just a wee bit of a late bloomer.  


 That hair. Yikes.  

scan edit


Finally, in my fifties . . . I started to get a little bit of a clue.

  1-7 copy

(Photo by Susan Stein Photography.)

Let’s see. That means that if in four decades I made this much progress in the beauty department . . . third

just think how gorgeous I’ll be by the time I’m ninety-two!  

What about you? Were you a late bloomer?  Did you feel like you knew a lot about beauty and fashion as a teenager or did it take you awhile to figure it out?  I hope I’m not alone in the late blooming department!

18 responses to Grandson. Cow Impersonators. Past Blast. Late Bloomer.

  1. I am such a late bloomer that I started to wilt before I ever bloomed!
    Loved the pictures — Noah is such a cutie, and the picture of Noah & his cousins is a real family treasure! The pictures of you are Steve will be treasured for many Smith generations to come.

    Linda in Pittsburgh

  2. You’ve gotten more beautiful over the years sweetheart.

  3. Becky um I did um smile very wide when looking at the old pictures of you uhm I thought Oh the hair, clothes and dresses eh but you know it is because I am such a 1990 girl so everything from before 1980’s and in that decade well I am just like huh? xD..
    So back to your question… I am so much a late bloomer. I looked HORRIBLE from my 13 to 16’ish. I just had no clue, my grand mum brought my clothes (looked more.. granny) I had no clue what would fit me and whatever. and I had braces. And I did not care about my clothes. When I was 17-18 I started to care a bit more. I would dress nicely if I was going out with like my mum… Still in general.. well you know I was also a teenager so I was one of those extremely moody-swinging teenagers so I all I wanted to wear was … hoodies.
    Well it helped in the 20’s. Started dying my hair 😀 I had dark brown – blonde highlight – red … And I cared a bit more and looked better. When I moved into dormitory I met a person who is a friend of mine and she is one of those people who can ‘read people’ so she said ‘I think there is a inner princess’ in you. Which is true. So I listened to her and over the past almost two years I have spent quite lot of money on dresses , top etc. And my hair is black. But you know what? Today when I look into my closet I am just happy about what I own. 🙂 I like my warobe and I feel muc h more confident now 🙂

  4. My school photos are a gallery of horrors. Oh, those glasses, the way my mother was ever so focused about keeping my hair out of my face, forget how it looked!

    I see your mother and Sarah in your photos, here and there, Becky. And you bloomed just fine.

    Do tell us why Steve’s group is called “the Plaids”??? Some intricate subtle pattern or weave in that get up?

    • Cath,

      I’m glad you see my mom and Sarah in my photos; that’s a good thing!

      I asked Steve why they were called the Plaids and he said the band was founded in the late 50’s and they wore plaid tuxedos because that was the style. I can’t quite imagine a plaid tuxedo but anyway, that’s the story! 🙂

      • Any photos of that 50s band in the plaid tuxedo? I’m off to google plaid tuxedo images. Learn something new all of the time.

        • Cath,

          i actually just Googled it myself. The tuxes are sort of dashing but I wouldn’t want Steve to wear one anytime soon. 🙂

          • If you can find one in his size at one of your favorite thrift shops, I can see special gift idea developing. Heh, heh. But then you’d have to see him in it!

  5. My hair is better now

  6. I haven’t bloomed yet. Not sure it’s gonna happen. I know nothing about beauty and fashion. And that’s OK. LOL.

  7. 1. Noah remains absolutely priceless!
    2. The Plaids aren’t wearing any plaid! I want my money back. At least, if I’d paid money to see them I might.
    3. Take one of the serious-expression pix of your mother from last week and put it next to the first pic of you. Bingo!
    4. I got a clue hair and style wise after I retired and started watching “What Not to Wear.” So, in my 60’s!!!

    • Jan,

      I’ve only watched What Not To Wear a couple times but did find it VERY insightful. I’m glad your 60’s have proven to be enlightening ones for you! 🙂

      I’m glad my mom and I look alike. (PS I answered the Plaid question in an earlier comment.)

  8. At 28, I still need my big sister to come shopping with me! Now that we live 5 hours from each other, I send her pictures of me trying out clothes when I go shopping, and wait for her opinion before I buy ;). As for the hair department, I manage, I’d say 😉

    • Renee,

      How nice to have someone in your life who gives you great advice! I’ll bet you felt just slightly insecure when you moved five hours apart, though. Technology comes in handy for all sorts of good purposes–fashion pictures being just one of them!