The Gaga Grandmas

August 7, 2014

We have 807 miles to cover today so I’m not able to post a very long entry. This post is actually being done on my phone and I’m finding that it’s a complicated business compiling a post on an iPhone. But it’s fun trying to figure it out.

I have many wonderful pictures and stories to share once we get home. For now here is that sweet grandson of ours hanging out with three women who are simply gaga over him.

I guess this photo could be titled the Gaga Grandmas–two ladies very much in love with one small boy and his mama.

Much more to come!

Edited to add: I have no idea why the picture is showing up sideways for some of you. Yet another technological mystery to figure out.



8 responses to The Gaga Grandmas

  1. He certainly is one lucky little boy!!

  2. LOVE the sideways picture 🙂 ahhhhh, technology

    • Kristina,

      I fixed it once we got home (and I got on my computer) but it was so strange because it showed up straight on my smart phone but sideways on Steve’s and Sarah’s.

      Actually, I hope that I fixed it–let me know if it’s still showing up sideways for you! 🙂

  3. safe travels. I know the visit went by way too fast. so much shared loved – you are all truly blessed

  4. Gaga looks good on you! Have a safe trip!