Family. Grad. Trump. Video.

July 7, 2014

A Few More Family Reunion/Grad Photos

How do you know you have a lot of people in one’s house?  

By the shoe pile, that’s how!  (Actually, this is only a partial pile; there was another pile in a nearby closet.)


One of my readers—can’t remember who—had suggested getting a shot with Noah’s shoes on top of the pile; I hate that I didn’t remember to do that!

Summer had her hands, er, paws, full preparing herself to meet and greet all those people. She finally just decided that it would cut down on her work if she got herself organized and greeted each of the relatives one by one, in an orderly fashion. Here she is saying howdy to my wonderful nephew, Caleb


While Summer was busy greeting the relatives, Sarah was busy hanging out with another certain relative.


Along with the baby and the people and the dog, we also had food in the house.  Lots of food. There was food stashed in all sorts of odd places–not only for all the meals for the gathered family, but also food (and decor) for the grad party. 


Unfortunately, that food did not buy itself; it also did not prepare itself. (You’d think there’d be an app for that!)

So when it came time to prep the food for the party, it was all hands on deck.11-DSC_3075



Even Noah showed up to help although as it turns out, he was there in an entirely supervisory capacity. When his dad was right nearby, Noah was a pretty easy overseer.


However, when Noah was left to his own devices, he got just a wee bit bossy.

Chop that cheese. Wash those grapes.  Let’s go, people, let’s go!08-DSC_3024

And when one of his people happened to fall behind on a designated job he was all like, “Look. Am I going to have to come over there?”

(Can anyone say Noah Trump?)


After Noah had helped us get all of our kitchen work done, we managed to find a little time to go through one of The Picture Boxes that resides under our bed. These boxes contain photos of me in my younger yesteryears that could be used for blackmail purposes.


That hair! Those clothes! What was I thinking?


Mom spent many happy hours looking through the photos, looking through the memories, looking through the many moments that have made up her life.

As I watched her leafing through the pictures, it occurred to me that If it weren’t for her, at least half of the photos in that box wouldn’t even exist! That’s a scary thought, isn’t it? 

No Becky. No Sarah. No Nathan. No (gasp!) NOAH!


Looking around at my gathered family, I was extra, extra thankful for the two grandmas (and the two grandpas) that made this whole Smith Clan possible.


And speaking of the Smith Clan . . .

Sarah and her big sis.


Sarah and her cuz.


Sarah and Steve leaving the graduation venue . . . hand in hand . . . walking their way right into a new future.


In closing . . .

I will leave you with a video I took of Nathan and Noah. He is singing a rap song he wrote for Noah. Here are the lyrics.

My name is Noah Jacksen, I come from the Smiths
I live in Winter Haven, they call me The Cribs
I fill up my diaper, I eat my tasty fruit
I’m master of X-Box, my tag is Tiny Toot.

Can you tell Nathan gets his songwriting talent from me?


(I apologize for the blurriness I forgot to turn auto focus on.)









11 responses to Family. Grad. Trump. Video.

  1. Great, great rap Nate. So….special:-)

  2. “My Name Is Noah Jacksen” by Noah Jacksen Smith ft. Big Daddy Nate. Love it!

  3. Lovely photos of what looks like a really wonderful large family time. I am struck by the joy on each of your faces, from the littlest all the way up to the eldest! You can see the love you each have for the others, how you cherish being together, and that you actually enjoy spending time close together. What a tremendous gift!! So happy for you that you were able to spend this precious time together making memories.

    • Jenna,

      Thank you for your very, very sweet words. You truly have a wonderful way of expressing your heart. Blessings to you and your family today!

  4. I love, love Nathan’s rap–what a hoot! Bonus: I got to hear it in person when we were there and now I get to see the video! 🙂 Such a nice post!

    love deb

  5. I doubt that

    • (in reply to steve’s witty comment)

      • Lesley,

        I’ll reply to both YOUR witty comment and Steve’s witty comment at the same time by agreeing with YOU.

        Nathan’s earthiness (referring to the video song) came straight from his . . . . GRANDMA!

        (Ooops. I mean his dad.) 🙂

  6. Nate gets his earthiness from his mother.