Dawgs vs. Dogs.

December 18, 2012

Roanoke Island is a perfect paradise for DAWGS because they are taken around everywhere with their owners and are highly respected members of the Roanoke Island huntin’ and fishin’ society.

And just in case you might be wondering exactly what a DAWG is, it is a canine that loves to ride in the back of a pick up truck, whether it’s 106 degrees  out or 20 degrees.  Neither wild  temperature variations or rain or snow seem to bother him because he is just so very, very happy to be out and about with his owner, perusing the town and feeling the wind blow through his furriness.


Whenever I’m driving around town and see DAWGS in the back of a truck (which happens half a dozen times a day), I always think back to the day when Steve borrowed a pick up to clean up some lawn debris.


We thought we would see if our  own personal DOG could transform himself into a DAWG, so we set him in the back of the pick up to try out the idea.


As you may recall (if you’ve seen this photo before) the experiment didn’t work.

It seems as though Snowy was never really able to be anything but a DOG although you can tell by the look on his fluffy, furry face that he is asking, “Is it working, Mom?  Am I doin’ it?  Am I a DAWG?”


I’m hoping that now that Snowy is in heaven, God has sprinkled a little DAWG aura over him and reserved a pick up truck for him to ride around in so that he can fulfill his lifelong dream to be an Official Roanoke Island DAWG.

We miss you, sweet Snowy. 

10 responses to Dawgs vs. Dogs.

  1. Snowy.you glow like a little angel Dawg in that truck! We ALL miss you, Snowy!

  2. We have lots of DAWGS in our area, too. I hate to see them riding in the backs of pickups, especially standing up on a truck box. So many fall or jump out…it just takes slamming on the brakes or swerving one time. It just makes me very nervous. My DOGS won’t even stick their heads out the windows, although they do love to ride in the car! 🙂

    Gayle in AL

    • Gayle, yes, I have sometimes wondered how safe those dogs are in the back of the pick ups but I don’t think they will stop riding back there any time soon! It’s nice to hear that your DOGS love to ride in the car. They must feel like it’s quite the adventure! 🙂

  3. Years ago, my big old boy LOVED riding in the back of the pickup…in CT!

  4. Lisa from Georgia December 18, 2012 at 8:34 pm

    Here in Georgia and particularly at my house, a DAWG is a University of Georgia fan. I miss Snowy too!

    • Lisa, that’s so funny. I hadn’t thought about DAWGS referring to the University of Georgia. I’m sure you have DAWGS everywhere you look! 🙂

  5. Thanks, Angela! It’s fun writing about sweet dogs!

  6. What a sweet post!