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  1. Yeaaaay Sarah!!! You are one awesome gal!! This news makes MY day too!!

    • Melanie,

      For some reason your comment appeared on the Contact page instead of the current post page but at least we got it. Thanks for being happy about Sarah’s Big Deal! 🙂

  2. Knnow that we are praying for you that you will be safe as well as your home and the church. We have just this week-end had three answers to prayer for healing in our family. God is still on the throne and His watchful eye is upon all of us. Love to all of you
    Dick and Jo Lindstrom

  3. Hi Becky,I know we haven’t talked but I hope you will keep me up-to-date on Summer. We miss her so very much!!!! It is always so hard letting them go to new homes but knowing they are going to homes like yours & sharing the special love you have for them
    is what gets you through.It’s harder letting the adult kids go than letting your babies go.
    Summer is such a sweetheart & loves to be loved & has so much love to give to you I’m sure in time you will see. So please keep me posted on her & call me anytime if you have any ????? about her about anything. I always stress to people I want them to stay in touch & send pictures of my babies.Look forward to hearing from you

  4. Michelle, that is certainly odd why your browser lets you comment on some post but not others. Go figure!

    Thank you for your sweet words about Snowy and for following along on the crazy, difficult journey we’ve been on for the past month. He truly was like a family member to us and we miss him greatly. Hard to believe it’s already been a week since he’s been gone!

  5. I don’t know why my browser won’t let me post on your comment section on your website . I tried updating but still no go. Anyway I just wanted you to know that I’ve been reading all your posts about Snowy and I am so sorry… It is so hard to lose a family member you loved so much. Prayers for all of you…

  6. AHA!  I get it now!  

    I’ve only seen that favorite episode 2 or 3 times over the past years and didn’t immediately make the tie-in.  How delightful to know where that melody came from–I didn’t have a clue.Here’s to having more old men among my readership.  🙂

    • Becky,

      I am SO HAPPY that you found your surprise!!!  😀  

      The first time I heard that song played on WHRO-FM, I nearly fell out of my chair!  (Yes, I called the radio station to learn the name of the song.) 

      I think that Earle Hagen, the music director of The Andy Griffith Show, was an absolute GENIUS, and one of the major regrets of my life is that I never wrote him to say so.  If you listen carefully to the music that is played within the episodes, you will be truly astonished at the creativity of that man.  He often uses the main theme during episodes for dramatic emphasis – but played so slowly that you hardly recognize it as the main theme.  Just a side note, it is Earle Hagen who does the whistling during the main theme intro. 

      Well, with these unbearable summer temperatures of late – I feel sure your readers look forward to “greeting sweet springtime with song!”

      Best Regards to You, Your Family and Your Readers,
      Fred  😉

      • Fred,

        I’m always happy to have my eyes and ears opened to new ways to listen to old familiar stuff–like the music on the Andy Griffith Show.  Next time I watch an episode, I will definitely listen through the filter of what you said about Earle Hagen.  And I always wondered who whistled that theme song!

  7. Dear Becky,

    I am a newcomer to your blog and enjoy it very much!  (The truth is, until I subscribed to your blog, I didn’t really understand what a blog was.)  I have a comment about the passing of Andy Griffith.  My family and I have watched The Andy Griffith Show (TAGS) so many times, over so many years, that we can recite dialogue from almost every episode.  While one part of my brain understands that TAGS is a television program – in another part of my brain, Mayberry is completely real, and the people who live there are family and friends.  When I hear the name “Andy Griffith”, my brain automatically translates it to “Sheriff Andy Taylor.”  Therefore, I was presented with a puzzling problem upon hearing the news of Andy’s passing.  The problem was that while I understand that a wonderful actor had passed away, I FELT as if I had lost a family member – Andy Taylor.  I felt like I wanted to go out in my back yard and cry it all out of my system.  (You may have heard that old men are now permitted to cry in public, once they are covered by Medicare.)  😉  I readily acknowledge that this puzzling reaction is ridiculous – at least on one level.  On the other hand, I have realized that I want to continue enjoying the illusion that Mayberry and company are real; and in order to do that, I do have to grieve the passing of Andy Taylor. 

    I have two more general comments.  From the first time I visited Manteo in 1967, it has been my most favorite spot in the universe.  Indeed, when I am in “His Shells by Brenda”, talking to Brenda, as if she were an old friend and stroking “Toby’s” fur, I feel as if I am in the very center of the universe. 

    Finally, based on a recent comment in your blog, I have what may be a nice surprise for you.  This is not optional, this is an assignment!  😉  Please go to You Tube and search on “Melody in F” (Anton Rubinstein – Melody in F major op.3 n.1 for Orchestra).  Any video you choose will be fine, but a simple piano version is best – such as this one:

    Please let me know if you liked Melody in F.  😉

    Best Regards,
    Fred Johnson
    Virginia Beach
    8-year cancer survivor

    • Fred

      How nice to meet a fellow admirer of Andy Taylor/Griffith.  And I loved your line about older men being able to cry in public once they’re covered by Medicare.  Hope that’s true for older ladies as well.

      I must admit I was a bit stumped as to why I was supposed to listen to the particular song you mentioned.  I DID listen and it is a beautiful song but not sure what the “surprise” was supposed to be?  🙂

      Thanks again for stopping by-it was great having you.

  8. Becky,
    My name is Meg Fox and I am Jillian Lamparyk’s aunt.  I started following Sarah’s Caringbridge site many years ago.  Today is the 9th anniversary of Jillian’s death and she has been on my mind quite a bit.  I visited her site and got to wondering about Sarah.  I am so pleased to see how she has grown and how well she is doing.  I just wanted you to know that I keep all of those Duke children in my prayers as I remember Jillian.  I continue to pray for Sara and I just wanted  you to know how she and your family have touched me.  Thanks for sharing with us. 

    • Meg,  I remember sweet Jillian and all those other precious children who were transplanted around the same time as Sarah.   Thanks for continuing to remember–and thanks for stopping by to check on Sarah  So glad you came!

  9. Sassy1991_2001 May 29, 2012 at 9:31 am

    Did anyone else happen to notice that in “one of your favorite picture ever” that you took last year . . . that the cloud formation to the far right of the cross looks like a young girl with a long braid looking towards heaven and praying? 

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