Charleston. Florida. And Angles on Loveliness.

August 4, 2014

We are currently (albeit temporarily) enjoying life as Floridians. Happy day!

On our trip here we stopped off in Charleston, SC for a little bit of sightseeing.  Although the weather report forecast a 70% chance of rain we only got a few sprinkles here and there and weren’t hampered too much by the overcast weather.

We ate lunch in downtown Charleston and to my great delight we got a window by the table. I just love sitting in a place where I can engage in one of my favorite pastimes of people watching.

As I sat and watched, I happened to notice that one person in the crowd looked a little familiar.IMG_0751

As he got a closer, the feeling of familiarity grew and I thought, “Now THAT looks like the kind of fella I’d like to be married to!”


And guess what? He strolled right into the restaurant and sat right down beside me!  Be still my heart.

Steve had actually been sitting with us eating lunch–and watching people– when he decided to walk across the street to get some coffee from Starbucks. That’s why he was out gallivanting with the lunchtime crowd.


One of the stops on our sightseeing tour was the Hunley Museum where Sarah and Steve sat in a replica of a submarine that had been entirely man powered.  This replica is from a movie set and is only 10% larger than the actual sub that held eight men. Can you say claustrophobia?


After we had viewed the actual submarine (which was displayed in a huge tank of water) and were walking with the tour guide through the rest of the museum. Sarah touched my sleeve and whispered, “Mom, I don’t feel very well.”

I glanced down at her and saw to my great alarm that her face and lips had gone absolutely white.  I figured she was just a few seconds from passing out so I grabbed her arm and quickly escorted her away from the crowd and then sat her down and got her head between her knees until she started feeling less weak and dizzy. She’s been fine ever since—must have been some odd blood sugar drop. 

After leaving the Hunley, we dodged a few more raindrops and went down to the waterfront.

cloud edit1

We wanted to sit down for a minute but weren’t sure if the benches were too wet so Steve was designated as the Official Tester of Bench Wetness.  Just as I was taking a photo of him in mid test . . .

cloud edit 3

he suddenly leaped up, leaned over and said, “See?  It’s not that wet!”  What could I do but snap the picture?

clouds 2

The waterfront was such a lovely place to hang out.06-DSC_4638


We even made the acquaintance of a friendly, frisky, Charlestonian squirrel.08-DSC_4669

Steve and Sarah sat and rested a while . . .


as I wandered about discovering all sorts of new angles on loveliness.







Finally I headed back to my waiting compatriots so that we could embark on a few further adventures which I’ll write about in another post.


Of course I can’t close out a Floridian blog post without a few pictures of the Floridian grandson.

Nathan came home from work at lunch time today to grab a bite to eat; while he was here, he fed Noah.


Nathan is a great feeder and Noah is a most enthusiastic eater.4-IMG_0846

After lunch, Noah figured he would snuggle with Grandpa for a few minutes and read him a story.


Unfortunately, the story put Grandpa to sleep! Noah’s face very clearly says, “Hey!  How did that happen?”


He is one sweet grandson!


16 responses to Charleston. Florida. And Angles on Loveliness.

  1. glad Sarah is okay. guess Noah won’t be requesting that book again.

  2. Looks like a lovely vacation! It is amazing to me how much a Charleston squirrel resembles the squirrels in my own backyard, thousands of kilometers away! I guess a squirrel is a squirrel is a squirrel.

    • Jenna,

      Yeah, I guess squirrels mainly come from one “blueprint.” You could tell this one was probably used to being fed by tourists because it didn’t run away when approached. Sort of fun to meet nature face to face!

  3. Glad you all are relaxing some for a change, and that baby is always happy! I like the photo of Sarah by the rain puddle, nice one. Have a good week. Ruth

  4. Looks like you are enjoying your well deserved vacation. As always, your photos are great., Your photographer’s eye certainly caught some great angles of loveliness!! What a cutie Noah is! Alwajys smiling and happy/
    Linda in Pittsburgh

  5. Love the shot of Sarah and the puddle. Also, little baby boy still looks a lot like his grandpa. So glad Sarah’s ‘spell’ was fleeting. She is a very finely tuned girl, I’m just like her. I was known as a ‘hot house flower’ growing up. Ha!

  6. Watch out for dem Charleston squirrels, they’ll fire upon Yankees!
    Looks like y’all are having a geat tim…you deserve it!…Miss ya!

  7. Sharyn McDonald August 4, 2014 at 2:23 pm

    We have a timeshare in Charleston (apparently the only one that will be allowed in Charleston) and found it to be such a quaint place to do a lot of sightseeing. We learned that the folks who live in Charleston (must be in the town itself) and want to paint outside, it has to be approved so that it keeps in line with the historic Charleston. Went through old homes too which were so interesting. Love to find out about folks and how they lived way back when.

    • Sharyn,

      How great to have a timeshare in such a fascinating city! We absolutely loved looking around in the brief time we had–so much to see!