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It’s what I do.  It seems like it’s what I’ve always done.  Even before I was able to make real words, I remember sitting beside my mom at the kitchen table while she wrote letters to family and friends and I would take a piece of paper and fill it up completely with little “flowy” scribbles, like I was writing in cursive.  By the end of our mother/daughter writing session, I would have filled up several big sheets of paper with my words.

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Note:  I’ve occasionally seen other bloggers do a stream of consciousness type post where they just start writing and don’t go back and do any editing.  That’s always seemed like a really scary ideato me because I re-write more than I write.  Editing is what I do.  

But I figured that if they could do it, I could do it.  And so what you will read below is Becky Unedited.   The only thing I changed was if I spelled  a word wrong. Everything else is straight from my brain.  Scary, I know.    I closed out with a few pictures.  Also unedited.

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