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An Odd Question

July 17, 2014

(Note: All invitations have been spoken for.)

I haven’t done a Lovely Scenery Post in a while so I thought it might be time!  (Also, don’t miss the Odd Question at the end of the post.)

This picture was actually taken on a different day than the ones below but I wanted to include it because it makes me feel peaceful.

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For about a week now, we have had the most blissfully lovely weather here on the Outer Banks.

And for about a week now, I only been able to gaze mournfully at those mornings outside my window because I was too sick to go outside and enjoy them.

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There is a wooden tower about ten minutes from our house that I have been threatening to climb for over four years now.

Finally, last night, my threatenings came to fruition and I took myself off in the van to visit said tower. (In my defense, I parked crookedly because there was not another soul anywhere around.)

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Family. Near or Far?

December 9, 2013

When you live many hours away from your nearest family members, occasions (and pictures) like this are extra special. (This is Steve and Summer having morning coffee with my brother Tim, who was visiting with his family from Minneapolis.)

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That Kind of Quietude

November 29, 2013

On this day after Thanksgiving, I am especially thankful for one particular recent memory.

Last Monday, we had gone sightseeing with my visiting family members and had quite accidentally timed our arrival at the Bodie Island Lighthouse to coincide with the advent of the golden hour.

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Skips and Shadows

November 26, 2013

Sunday night, my brother and his family arrived from Minnesota, diligently carting with them some of their cold northern air with which to replace our warm southern air.

But that’s okay. We let them stay anyway.

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Platelets. Cody. Photo Walk.

November 20, 2013

I’ve just been sitting here thinking ahead to Thanksgiving week and the happy (maybe even occasionally chaotic) busyness that will be entering our lives.

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I love it when stories from this blog take on lives of their own; it’s great to get to be a small part of events that grow beyond what I could ever plan. The following story is a great example:

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