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A Few More Family Reunion/Grad Photos

How do you know you have a lot of people in one’s house?  

By the shoe pile, that’s how!  (Actually, this is only a partial pile; there was another pile in a nearby closet.)

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The Unprommed Girl

April 28, 2014

Last year Sarah attended her junior prom with a friend and had an enjoyable time.

And she also (may I add), looked quite stunning in her thrift store gown.

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One of the things I got Steve for Christmas was this t-shirt that was designed for builders and flyers of  RC planes.

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Journey To Graduation

April 9, 2014

It’s been a journey eighteen years long.

It’s been an especially precious journey because cancer made its appearance along the way and tried to convince us we weren’t going to be able to see the journey to completion.

It tried to tell us we would never see our sweet Sarah grow up.

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Smile Time

April 4, 2014

Since things have been a bit sober around here the past few days, I thought I would end the week with two videos guaranteed to produce a smile. 

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Tuesday, Sarah and I both wrote posts about her college choice. (If you didn’t read the post, she is going to a Community College for the first two years and then will transfer to Campbell University.)

Since I am such on an organized, on-the-ball kind of blogger, I am just now remembering to post the pictures that I took when Sarah first got her acceptance letter from Campbell. (I know it would have been more logical to have posted them Tuesday, on the actual Talking About College Day but . . . oh well!)

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Um . . .

Actually, there’s no reason to read Sarah’s blog post in such a hurry but I just thought that your Tuesday morning routine might need a bit of excitement inserted into it. You’re welcome. (The post I’m referring to is the one I wrote about yesterday concerning her decision about college.)

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Hi. It’s Summer.

The other night at dinner my mom said, “I was at the vet today picking up dog food and I saw a chart which said that Summer is already forty years old in people years.”
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