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Hello, wonderful people.  It’s good to be back after my 3-day offline snafu. You would not even believe the phone calls I made and the hoops I jumped through to resolve my problem. 

The worst part of the day was when one guy kept tying to inform me he could find no record of me or my blog even though I’ve had an account with his company for five years. And then somehow when I called him yet again, late into the evening,  he magically produced my customer ID number which he emailed to me so that I would be able to change my primary DNS server and get back online. And yes, I actually managed to do that all by myself because for some odd reason, the password didn’t work for my other tech guy who was going to do it for me. Crazy times.

So. Long story sorta short, I am ever so happy to be up and running again.


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Courage and Compassion

April 9, 2015 — 37 Comments

Two months ago, in a small church in Duck, NC, a man was murdered.

The murderer was homeless. So was the man he killed.

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The Weekend End.

April 6, 2015 — 16 Comments

Last Friday was our first day off after all the busyness of preparing for (and performing)  the Easter Drama.  In the days leading up to the drama, days off were in short supply so we were both quite happy to wake up to a day where nothing absolutely had to be done.

We puttered around all morning doing this and that and then around lunch, we packed a picnic lunch and rode our bikes up to a favorite water front area to eat.

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The Non-Timely Blogger

April 3, 2015 — 32 Comments

I know that all the wonderful bloggers out there carefully plan their posts and make sure that they are always perfectly seasonally appropriate.

So why am I putting up a Christmas-y post the week of Easter?
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Books and Babies

March 30, 2015 — 48 Comments

Meagan posted this picture to her Facbook page last week.

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And the answer is:

The Doggie Doodads (mentioned in this post) are knife rests! Who knew?

We had plenty of entertaining guesses and a few of you even knew right off the bat. May I just say that I am highly impressed by anyone who can spot a knife rest at twenty paces.
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I was in a thrift store last week . . .

when I happened to notice these little doggie doodads on the counter.  

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This young lady just stopped by to say goodbye on her way out the door to college.  Isn’t it great how the hair barrette Meagan gave her for Christmas matches the scarf I got her at a thrift store?

I love accidental matchings.

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