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I mentioned a couple weeks ago that Sarah has to have a follow up colonoscopy after polyps were found last year. That is scheduled for this Thursday; we appreciate your prayers for that not-so-fun procedure and for good results.  Also, in the medical realm, I am headed out the door right now to Urgent Care.  I had a cold sore develop about two weeks ago and instead of getting better, I have started to have a rash and sores spreading all over my face. With a compromised immune system, I don’t want to give that a chance to get any more out of control that it already is.  So I’m having it checked out this morning to see what is causing this to spread so quickly.

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We got home at 8:30 last night.  Happy, happy, happy!

I didn’t mention it earlier, but Sarah spent four nights by herself; it’s the first time she has even been home alone at night without us and we are proud of her for reaching that big milestone. 

As I wrote before, she was joined the rest of the time by her friend, Hope and her mom and brother.  Hope’s family loves trips to the beach and since I didn’t love the thought of Sarah being alone for eight days, it was a match made in heaven for them to come here and hang out several days. Hope’s mom, Melody, even cleaned the whole house for me—on HER vacation!  They are the sweetest family.

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Up In The Air

July 20, 2015 — 36 Comments

Last Thursday in Albuquerque, we took to the sky on the Sandia Peak Tramway. We went to 10,000 feet where we could see for 11,000 square miles. Since our house back in Manteo is at 14 feet above sea level, it was quite the change of pace!

(I took this photo of the second tram coming in the opposite direction.)

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Hello from Albuquerque, New Mexico!

We were supposed to land at 10:45 last night (12:45 our body’s time) but due to storms at La Guardia we were put on another plane and landed two hours earlier than planned. I was one happy woman to be able to get to bed early! 

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And we’re back!

Sorry about this past week of radio silence; I ran into some complicated, frustration-producing technical issues which I will not bore you with. The important thing is that Smithellaneous is once again live.  Can I get an amen?

In one of my posts last week, I mentioned that I had somehow neglected to get any pictures of Steve with the baby.

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This post was written by Noah. The pictures were taken at Meagan’s parent’s home.

So my day started like it normally does.

I got up early . . .

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Since my last four posts have been all been baby-related, I’m going to post on a different subject today and revisit the Wonderful World of Babyness later this week. Thanks for all your sweet comments and being so happy for our family. You guys are the best!

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If you want to get the whole story behind Madison’s birth, be sure to stop by her other grandma’s blog.

A few of you had asked to see pictures with Aunt Sarah so here you are!

Sarah wore a mask during her first introduction to her new niece since she’d had a bit of a sore throat that day.

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