Beauty Beholding, Calorie Consuming, Photo Taking Heaven.

December 14, 2012

Last night . . .


I peeped through this wreath . . .15-DSC_4029

before walking through this door . . .



to enter  . . .


this foyer.


Before me I saw multitudinous displays of bountiful beauty and countless caloric delights.












And why was I beholding that Christmas beauty and consuming those Christmas calories?

It’s because last night was our Second Annual Ladies’ Christmas Party at Miss Libby’s.  And yes, this is the same Miss Libby who loaned me gorgeous, antique jewelry for Nathan and Meagan’s wedding, taught me to dance for said wedding, hosted Sarah’s 17th birthday tea party, and danced with Steve in some of our recent musical events at church. She is a grand southern lady in every sense of the word.

(Sorry I don’t have her picture to post; she doesn’t love having her picture taken.)

But I took pictures of some of our other ladies.  This is Mary Ann Sherwood, our church’s associate pastor opening a gift.  (Libby made sure everyone went home with at least two gifts.)


It was lovely to spend time with a group of wonderful ladies in surroundings that fed the creative, beauty-loving parts of our soul.


And it was especially lovely for me to have so much gorgeousness to photograph.  I was in beauty beholding, calorie consuming, photo taking heaven.


Merry Christmas!

11 responses to Beauty Beholding, Calorie Consuming, Photo Taking Heaven.

  1. Hi Bec, Is fun to see an elegant christmas array, and glad you got to enjoy a beautiful evening. Beauty is one of the most cherished gifts I know of for us humble beings to thank HIm for all the days of our lives. Glad you captured it for us all to see. Ruth

    • Ruth, congratulations! Your FIRST comment on my blog! (For anyone who doesn’t know, Ruth is my sister, two years younger than I and Deb Mantik, who signs here too, is 3 years younger.) Ruth is not real into technology and the Internet which is why I am so excited to actually see her name pop up here! 🙂

      And Ruth, you’re right. Beauty is a wonderful gift!

  2. Kristina, that’s funny to look at things like open doors from your perspective. As a Southerner, I never would have thought twice about that door being open but since it was only about 50 degrees, it was doable! I imagine in Alaska, front doors only stay open long enough for someone to hurry in or hurry out!

  3. Looked like divinity to me!! Yum, num, num!!

  4. What a beautiful home and the food looks scrumptious. I envy anyone who can decorate for the holidays in such a unique and organized manner. What were those lucious looking white delicacies? I could gobble all of it up. So glad you had a nice evening with a wonderful group of women.

    • Jojy and Mary, I think (as Jojy) said, it was some sort of divinity and it had coconut all over it. It is Miss Libby’s special recipe that she has made for years. She also had a wonderful run cake with bits of chocolate in it. I gained 5 pounds just looking at it.

  5. What a pretty home! I have to admit, since it’s quite cold here today, the first thing that struck me was that Miss Libby can leave the main door open, with just the storm door closed… it makes for a nice welcome!

  6. Everything wasw so beautiful – including that lavious looking table with those mouth-watering goodies. Her home is just beautiful for the Christmas season. You ladies were well pampered.

  7. so gorgeous!!! Miss Libby is definitely the hostest with the mostest!
    She obviously enjoys sharing her talents.

    • Mrs. Pam, yes, Miss Libby was born to entertain and be a hostess; she is terrific at it and gets such joy from bringing joy to others. When I grow up, I want to be like her!