I haven’t done any picture posts lately, and I thought that maybe your Thursday could use some peace and placidity.  (Those words probably mean the same thing but I just sort of like the way they flow together.)

I know I’ve posted pictures of this area before but everytime I go, it’s different. That’s one of the things I love most about photographing nature–it changes from moment to moment, presenting all different scenes and shades of beauty.

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Although I realize that everyone already knows that Sarah’s report was benign, I have been promising the story behind the report–and here it is!

Last Tuesday morning, I came down to the kitchen and found Sarah eating breakfast.

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My quantities of energy and time seem to be having a competition with each other to see which one of them is at its lowest ebb today. 

I think they both won.

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January 21, 2015 — 26 Comments

It’s not often a wordy person like me struggles for words but today would be that kind of day. I’m feeling exhausted, happy, overwhelmed, thankful . . . and also a wee bit unwordy.  I guess it’s just a little too much to process right now.

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January 20, 2015 — 112 Comments

After an interesting and very long day of phone calls and waiting, I eventually took myself to the doctor’s office, planted myself there, and said I wasn’t going to move until I heard something.

I’ll go into the details of the day in another post but I didn’t want to take any more time before letting you know–

Sarah does NOT have cancer!

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The Face of Brave

January 20, 2015 — 22 Comments

No news yet.

 Edited To Add:  After I had uploaded this post, I thought I would go ahead and call our local doctor’s office to see if something might have gotten overlooked there.  When I was put through to a nurse she said, “Oh, I thought I saw that come through yesterday!  Let me take a look.”

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Edited to add:  Shortly after writing this post, I called the Breast Imaging Center where Sarah’s biopsies were done; I wanted to be sure they had written down correctly where the results were to be called into.  (Which would be our primary doctor here in Manteo.)  Their info is all correct.

I then told the woman on the phone that it has been almost two weeks without any news and asked if that was normal. She said it had been very busy and backed up which was the reason for the delay.  


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 Summer here.

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